Friday, December 28, 2007

This is DRAW FORCE!!!

Welcome to Draw Force internet traveler. Sit, rest, for you have wandered far off the path to find this corner of the web. An explanation of where you are follows:

This website is a an ongoing chronicle of Draw Force's exploits, battles, triumphs, and good deeds. Draw Force was organized by a highly motivated, inherently talented, and exceptionally good looking group of artists. Identifying a terrible threat in the universe of unsurmountable power, this loose band of artists knew that something had to be done. Recognizing that this evil could not be fought by one man alone they formed a team, with each member brandishing different, but equally potent super-art-powers. Their powers united, these men became Draw Force defenders of good art and fighters of evil. From their headquarters in New York City DF serves as mankind's premier protectors, earth's frontline against threats too powerful for any one artist to defeat.

Each week Draw Force encounters a new challenge that must be fought with art. Each battle is recorded here for history. Return often traveler, and may Draw Force protect you.